President’s newsletter message

We are facing unprecedented times.

In different respects, we members are both fortunate and unfortunate.

We are fortunate in that the vast majority of us are retired and therefore not facing the prospect of losing our jobs.

We are unfortunate because again the vast majority of us fall into the most vulnerable categories for the COVID 19 virus. We are not the most susceptible to contracting the virus, but in succumbing to it. So, we should face the future bearing these two disparate situations in mind.

Please take your advice on health issues from reliable sources only, such as Queensland Health and other officially recognised bodies.

Be sceptical of “friendly” advice from acquaintances and general gossip. Some well meaning advice may be counterproductive and in some circumstances, adversely affect your health – be aware as well as diligent.

As we all know, various Governments around the country have imposed stringent measures on a large proportion of society. While appreciating not all of us are happy with some of the measures, they are there for solid reasons. Some of these reasons are based on people not abiding by recommendations on matters such as social distancing, such as occurred at Bondi Beach last weekend.

Medical opinion strongly suggests that social distancing, at this stage of the fight to restrict the spread of the virus, is most important.

As Seniors, we can take the lead in our community and show the way.

We can do this firstly by taking it seriously.

We need to be conscious, not only of our own vulnerability, but of the impact we may have on others.

This is serious. People are dying and the virus continues to spread apace.

Let’s be responsible – self isolating