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Compensation, welfare or the law

The team of compensation and welfare advocates at the Caloundra RSL Sub Branch - all of them volunteers - stand ready to help all and any veterans who need assistance. In addition, free monthly consultations on non-veteran legal matters are available for Sub Branch members, by appointment.

Compensation and welfareAdvocacy: Our team of Compensation Advocates have undergone formal training to prepare claims to the Department of Veterans Affairs on your behalf. They are qualified to assist in the preparation of claims under the following Acts:
Veteran Entitlement Act (VEA);
Safety Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (Defence Related Claims) (DRCA); and
Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act (MRCA).
Additionally, assistance can also be provided in requesting a review of a decision or an appeal of a decision to the Veterans Review Board.
Our Compensation Advocates are all volunteers. They undergo continuous refresher training and mentoring and are ready to assist any current or ex-service member with a claim or appeal to the Department of Veterans Affairs.
Welfare: Our team of Welfare Advocates can answer many and varied questions in regards to the welfare of all current or ex-service members.
These services may be as simple as a visit for a chat or assistance with issues that concern an individual or their family. They include:
Initial contact to ascertain what type of assistance is available
Home care. Home maintenance coordination
DVA transport coordination. Health issues
Access to Veterans and Veterans Families Counselling Services
Assistance with coordinating My Aged Care
Information on Aged Care Accommodation
Access to the Veterans Affairs Network. Hospital, Aged Care and home visits